The Frozen Wastes

Battle for Whiterun: Prelude

What everyone got after the battle

Part of Frothier Falk’s report to the Dawnguard—————-

Our price for saving the city from the armies of Lydek, and the White Death, was nothing to be trifled with.

We got Over 50.000 Gold Pieces to share between us, as well as a magical weapon and a few magical armors, and I, Frothier Falk, have decided how it is going to be shared.

Zedric Sanarias Will get 13.000 gp and he will receive the new armor, looted from the captain of the zombie hoard, that I felled with a single swing from my sword, blessed by Stendarr as it was. This armor is magical to a degree that I have never seen before, but I have no idea who could create an armor with so much magical power here in Skyrim.

Anogrill “Stormborn” Thalmor Will get 13.000 gp as well, and he will get the honor of receiving the fabled Sword of the Skies- If he ever loses that sword, may Stendarr’s mercy be upon him, becuase I will have none to spare.

Ra’Shin Will get 13.000 gp as well. He will also recieve the armor looted from the cultist in the shadows of the woods. This armor has made it even harder to spot him in the shadows, and in the comming months the city will have to be even more protective of the valuables they don’t want to lose.

This is what we got from the jarl of the city. We have promised to help him rebuild the city, and we will do that, because a follower of Stendarr never gives a promise he does not intend to keep. I will send reports if something happens, but otherwise this shoiuld be a quite year, after all, Lydek has to gather new forces around her before she will strike again

-Frothier Falk


Fed log :D
“protective of the stuff they don’t want to lose.”

Battle for Whiterun: Prelude

I see… I have fixed, and they got moar moneys… My calculations were off

Battle for Whiterun: Prelude

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