The Frozen Wastes

Log Post of the Alchemist by Zedric Senarius

Day 2 - Mission Complete: Missing Children

We have found the souce of the missing children. As suspected it was a harpy. I succesfully mixed the Alter Self-extract with a harpy-feather. The result was quite an interesting experience. Not only did i alter my body to a monsterouse creature (Not that I havn’t tried this before) but also did i gain the abillity to fly, a fantastic experience! Although the female figure made the flying quite hard with all that jiggling (My chest is still sore)… ((I might train my control of the female body later on cof)).
I saved me som extra feathers from the harpy for later extracts. The possibilities only leaves me excited for future extracts, just think what exotic humanoids I might experience on my own body in the future.

- Zedric Senarius

PS. We also have gaint some tickets for some Circus for our heroric deeds, but this might not become such an important event.



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